St. Louis Pro Se Guide
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ArchCity Defenders has created a guide for people to protect and represent themselves around police, in court and in jail.  This guide is designed to give people better tools to navigate a difficult system that routinely and unjustly punishes the poor and people of color. The booklets will be accessible to everyone; distributed for free in public spaces and available for download and distribution by anyone. We want to partner with visual communicators with a range of styles and aesthetics to recreate the guide in beautiful and meaningful ways. We believe everyone should have equal access to information, and that design matters.



Submissions will be evaluated on readability, accurate transfer of information and adherence to format guidelines as well as originality / creativity. Please give careful attention to guidelines within the template. 

By submitting you are agreeing to have your work distributed for free. You will be credited, but are donating your time and work to  ArchCity Defenders.  


  • Provide information to help people navigate the traffic stop and municipal court system
  • Provide info in a usable form to make people more effective advocates for themselves in court
  • Use this guide and attention it attracts to spark public conversations about injustice of the system and thereby put pressure to change the courts


7pm at Pi Pizzerias in Downtown STL
ENTRY DEADLINE  extended | May 27rd
JURY NOTIFICATION  extended |  May 31st
LAUNCH EVENT | June 28th




This google doc has all the text from the original guide for ease of copying and pasting into your own document. This content is broken up into two parts and should be designed in two booklets. You may utilize the back and front of the booklet. 

This is the original guide, our goal is to increase readability + visual interest. Refer to the doc of content above as the content has shifted since this was created.

You may work in any medium. However final versions should be worked out in InDesign with strict adherence to guides. for a uniform and cohesive collection of  booklets. Please submit design as pages for digital use + printable layout. 


Please fill out this form when sending in your designs.